Nalini ‘Deedee’ Cheriel is a visual artist who started out creating record covers and T-shirts for the Oregon music scene in the early ‘90s.  Born in the hippie town of Eugene, Oregon, she began her own band and record label at the age of 19.  Influenced by the popular DIY culture of that time, she played in several all-girl bands (Juned, Adickdid, The Teenangels, The Hindi Guns) and co-created the semi-autobiographical film Down and Out with the Dolls. This artist has lived and studied abroad: Honduras, Chile, England, Portugal, Spain and her native India.

Now residing in Los Angeles, Cheriel’s work explores narratives that recognize the urgency and conflict in our continuing attempts to connect to the world.  With influences derived from such opposites as East Indian temple imagery, punk rock, and her Pacific Northwest natural environment, her images are indications of how we try to connect ourselves to others and how these satirical and heroic efforts are episodes of compassion and discomfort.  Bold elements drawn from landscapes -both urban and natural- and pop culture suggest the ability to find commonalities and relationships between ourselves and our surroundings that inevitably confirm our greater humanity and quest towards love.

Exhibition Record (*solo shows marked by asterisk)

*Episodes in the Abundant Oasis Merry Karnowsky Gallery (Los Angeles) July 2013
McCaig Welles Gallery  (New York) June 2013
Monniker Art Fair (London) October 2013
*Little Spirit and Infinite Longing, Pure Evil Gallery (London) March 2010


*AIko, Tara McPherson & Deedee Cheriel: Merry Karnowsky Gallery (Los Angeles) February 2012

*Just Passing Through (Amsterdam, ND) September 2012

Busy Being  (Austin, TX) March 2012

University Of Milwaukee (Milwaukee, WI) February 2012

Street Art Show LA ARTS  (Los Angeles) April 2012

Unnatural History  (Bristol UK) July 2012

Unnatural History (Melbourne, AU) April 2012

Modern Fabulist View Gallery (Bristol, UK) April 2011
FemkeHiemstra, Audrey Kawasaki & Deedee Cheriel: Merry Karnowsky Gallery (Los Angeles) July 2011

*Abracadabra Merry Karnowsky Gallery (Los Angeles) October 2010
Art Basel Art Fair  McCaig Welles Gallery  (Miami) December 2010
SUBject/ SubJECT Subliminal Projects (Los Angeles) May 2010
Amsterdam Art Fair:  Mauger Modern (London) March 2010
True Self: Jonathan Levine Gallery (New York) October 2009
Beyond Eden: Subliminal Projects (Los Angeles)  September 2009
Lovable Like Orphaned Kitties and Bastard Children: Green Gallery (Milwaukee, WI) May 2009
Together We Are: Barracuda (Los Angeles) July 2009
Sunset Junction: LA ART (Los Angeles) August 2009
Lovable Like Orphan Kitties and Bastard Children: Green Gallery (Milwaukee,WI)
Print Heavy: NOMAD Gallery (Los Angeles)
Lovable Like Orphan Kitties and Bastard Children: LACE Gallery (Los Angeles)
Harmonious Glory: Mei Xue Gallery (Los Angeles/ Beijing)
Deedee Cheriel and Louise Bonnet: Subliminal Projects  (Los Angeles) May 2008
TBD White Walls Gallery (San Francisco) December 2008
Cologne Art Fair: McCaig-Welles Gallery October 2008
Look!: Jail Gallery (Los Angeles) August 2008
*Deedee Cheriel  Recent Works : Stitch Gallery (Tokyo, Japan) December 2008
New Works: Welles-Rosenthal Gallery  (Redwood City) June 2008
Bridge Art Fair: Art Basel (Miami)
*Into the Stars and Always Up: McCaig Welles Gallery  (Brooklyn)
Tiger in a Tropical Storm: Riviera Gallery  (Brooklyn)
Tall Totem Pole: Gallery 1269  (Los Angeles)
Fountain Art Fair: McCaig Welles Gallery  (New York)
Bridge Art Fair: Mc Caig Welles (Chicago)
The Girls Room: Jen Bekman Gallery  (New York)
Jail Weddings: Jail Gallery (Los Angeles)

Pop, Bang, Slide: Autopsy Gallery  (Melbourne, Australia)
5ives: Receiver Gallery  (San Francisco)
Market Show: Stall 54   (London)
Free words: Free Biennial  (New York)              
The Group Show: David Allen Gallery  (New York)
* 2 Artists: FLUXCO Gallery  (Los Angeles)
Sunset and St. Marks: Capla-Kesting Fine Art  (New York)
Sunset and St. Marks: Capla-Kesting Fine Art  (Los Angeles)
Bridge Art Fair: Art Basel  (Miami)
1st and Hope: Brian Lotti Space  (Los Angeles)

Street / School Girls: New Image Art Gallery  (Los Angeles)
Hollywood Bowl: Track 16 Gallery  (Los Angeles – with Kenny Scharf and Ed Moses)
* ArtPolitix: ArtSpace  (Los Angeles)
Street notes: Blue Box  (London)              
Salon Du Petit: Gallery 825  (Los Angeles)
Small Creatures: Dirt Gallery  (Los Angeles)
*Ms. Understood: Planet 24 Gallery  (Portland)

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"Dreams I Never Told You & Letters I Never Sent" Poems by David Wojciechowski, 2017 (cover art)