SUBject/subJECT examines women's use of public platforms in mass media, inviting both artists and viewers into a dialogue about role models, self-image and the messages women project in both the mainstream and alternative media. Says Cheriel, "Now that women have 'equal rights, what are we trying to say? What's are subject? Since female artists remain underrepresented in galleries and museums, we created this show as a platform for emerging women artists to represent!"

Ten percent of proceeds from all SUBject/subJECT art sales go to the Los Angeles Downtown Women's Center, dedicated to providing permanent, supportive housing and a safe and healthy community for homeless women.

An Exhibition of Female Artists Benefitting the Downtown Women's Center
Co-Curated by Deedee Cheriel
April 10th - May 8th, 2010

Featuring: Liz McGrath, Jen Stark, Swoon, Monica Canilao, Kime Buzelli, Mona Superhero, Meryl Smith, Mel Kadel, Jessica Hess, Marissa Textor, Jesse Spears, Nikki McClure, and Co-Curator Deedee Cheriel

Directed by Josh Gibson, Tree Line Drive