Perfection. 🐺 blood moon.

New prints available on my site!

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Did a portrait of my friends dogs who passed away for an xmas present.  Was hard to capture them but happy with how it turned out.

Last minute painting for holiday gifts with studio dog.

Another beautiful day ! So grateful for the simplest things.

I do have these available in brown if you are interested.

Prints still available on my website.

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Prints available on my site in time for Holidays !!!!!

Love you friend print. On my website!

Dailey gratitude for basic things.  Repost from @mrsayses

New prints on my website in time for the holidays ! On sale now.

Pink or red “Love is always the answer” prints. In these mean times. 😍😍😍

Super excited to have a couple new prints for sale on my website!  Order by Dec. 19th to receive in time for Xmas !!!!


Fall colors.

In a world of bad vibes remember ......
#loveisalwaystheanswer prints on my website.

I know this looks like an interior design shot but it is a doll house that @jenibrittonbauer made complete with one of my tiny prints.

Hard at work with my friend @greenmemestudio

I have noticed a lot of people being unnecessarily mean to others for no particular reason. People feel more justified to be angry judge mental or racist now more than ever.  I wish kindness were more appreciated.  #Loveisalwaystheanswer Love is always the answer in these divisive times. Prints available in pink and red on my website.

Last few days to check out my show “Cosmic Connections “ @kpprojectsgallery through Saturday.

Last week to check out my show @kpprojectsgallery hope you can swing by 11-6tues-sat

Happy 🎃!!!

Last week to check out my show @kpprojectsgallery gallery open 11-6 tues Thru sat

Mask making. #diadelosmuertos

TONITE …the charming mistakes of my youth... (#45)
Thursday, October 18th, 8-9pm PST
special guest: Deedee Cheriel
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Bringing truth to light. Work from my new show up at @kpprojectsgallery gallery open 11-6pm tues -sat

I realized this year how important it is to listen without judgement and love your friends unconditionally.  I am so lucky to have wonderful friends who have walked through a difficult time with me.  Who show up on a moments notice and enjoy doing silly things with me.  To love unconditionally has been a gift of walking through hard things.  This painting sold at my show. “Unconditional Love” show up through end of month.  Stop by @kpprojectsgallery 11-6 tues - sat.

How can you use your power and creativity to make change? Help get out the vote. Protest. Participate in democracy.  Encourage others to vote!!!!

We made some awesome signs to get people to #govote

Ravi and I made this one.  #govote

Doing civic duty with @greenmemestudio


Hoping to inspire some kids from #brownissues to make activist art @selfhelpgraphics with @greenmemestudio

So stoked to be working tonight with a bunch of kids inspiring activism and political art.  #govote

Thank you #taylorswift for getting people to register to vote. #govote #registertovote #togetherwemakechange #neverlosehope i wish other celebrities would get their people to register to vote. @katyperry @angelinajolieofficial @beyonce @pink @catpowerofficial @rooney.mara

First single by my first band Columbus... fuck you!  #yearofthewoman #indigenouspeoplesday

Thanks to everyone who came out last night ! We had a blast!

Tonight my show opens. So excited!!!

Don’t forget to rsvp for tomorrow night opening @kpprojectsgallery

October 6, 7-10pm is the opening of my shoe “Cosmic Connections” @kpprojectsgallery on 1st and La Brea.  See you there! 🐻 🌈

KP Projects is proud to present Deedee Cheriel’s bold new body of work “Cosmic Connections” which explores themes of illusions, separations, ego, humility, forgiveness, connectedness,enlightenment and new beginnings. Her iconic imagery  is reminiscent of tarot cards, Alchemist manuals vintage political posters, and dreamscapes.  Don’t forget to this  Saturday October 6 at 170 s. La Brea ave in Los Angeles CA

The opening for my show Cosmic Connections is Saturday October 6th. Pls rsvp and check with a gallery for a preview if you are interested in purchasing work! Show is @kpprojectsgallery in Los Angeles.  Make sure to rsvp.

October 6th is the opening of Cosmic Connections. My latest solo show in Los Angeles at @kpprojectsgallery hope to see you there!

For my upcoming show “cosmic connections” at @kpprojectsgallery can’t wait to see you there !

You are invited To the October 6 opening of my show Cosmic Connections!

Save the date. October 6. @kpprojectsgallery opening Happy Friday!

New Work for my upcoming show “Cosmic Connections” @kpprojectsgallery October 6! In Los Angeles.  Don’t forget to

New Work for my upcoming show @kpprojectsgallery October 6th.  Please  RSVP@KPPROJECTS.NET  #themistress #outsiderart  #spiritualart #bohemiandecor #bohemianstyle #bohemianart #environmentalart #folkart #naiveart #modernart #streetart #grafitti #graphicdesign #politicalart #makesomethingeveryday #womenwithpencils #lowbrowart #undergroundart #graph #modernpainting #artinlosangeles #artshowsinlosangeles #interiordesign #art #love #spirituality #interiors

With Shepard Fairey at Visual language show at Subliminal projects. Congratulations to @ramsey_dau for the awesome work. @shepardfaireyobey @obeygiant #obey  #obeygiant #shepardfairey #youcannotkillideas #modernart #streetart

Truth to light.  For my upcoming show.

I have found some of the hardest things I have been through bring out my strongest work. Conflict anger humility forgiveness peace. For my new show @kpprojectsgallery October 6. Hope you can come see the new Work.

Save the dAte and make sure to RSVP@KPPROJECTS.NET my show at KP Projects OCTOBER 6 7-10pm 170 South la brea Los Angeles CA 90042

Doodle I did of my son.

Work in progress.

Tbt 1999.

Making the most of the last few day of summer.

Late night studio session. Work in progress.

Work in progress. For my upcoming show October 6 @kpprojectsgallery on la brea. Hope you can make it!

This is a painting I made for my last show about Victor Jara whose music became more popular after the Chilean dictatorship killed him for the political nature of his ideas.  #youcannotkillideas #silenceequalsdeath #speakup #censorshipdoesntbelonginamerica #victorjara #politicalart #folkart

TBT to the The Hindi Guns at Silverlake Lounge.  #thehindiguns

Me in Munich drinking beer in the 90’s

From my last show.  Need to do another in this vibe.

The hug.  New painting in progress !! Stoked for you to see the work at my Oct 6 show at @kpprojectsgallery

Good morning. Piece almost done.