My friend makes houses look so beautiful! @theplatformexperiment

Busted out a little present for a friends birthday.  #familyportrait happy birthday!!!🎈🎂🎉

So incredibly lucky and grateful to work with people who appreciate me and friends who adore me. Haven’t had a birthday this wonderful in a decade.  Thank you @shelgreb @katherinemetz @noblesalvage @distractionbyanothername

When Brown Girls Take Over The World a piece I made right after Trump was elected for my show of the same name.  Can you imagine how different life could be with affordable health care affordable education and peace? Let’s take a deep breath and manifest some change.

July issue. Health and Spirituality magazine.

Getting inspired to make new work.

Good morning!

I have always loved these murals in metro building of LA before it was developed.

Back in stock! Off white Care for This Garden prints.  #careforthisgarden

So honored to be interviewed  and have 12 images in the July issue of Spirituality & Health magazine.  #health #healing  #meditation #spirituality #overcomingfears #walkingthroughtoughtimes

Summer is almost here.  Can’t wait to spend a bunch of time in nature with my sweet little guy and lovely friends.  Only a few weeks to go.

Great day for a game.

Prints on my website.

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We had a really awesome night At #werisela such a beautiful show and amazing events. If you get the chance you should check it out in the next week.  Free and open to public.

Work up @werisela #werisela

This show I am in opens Saturday.  Bring the kids.  I will be there at 5 pm Saturday.

The shirts I made to protest our pussy grabbing president and now Supreme Court judge Brett Cavanaugh.  #boycottgeorgia #boycottalabama #keepyourlawsoffmybody #prochoice #womensrights #keepyourlawsoffmybody

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Journal doodle. Prints on sale for Mother’s Day.  Code: Mama

Prints for Mother’s Day. Code : MAMA on my website for 15% off

Someone is working hard in the studio and it’s not me.

New print available on my site!

New print I am shipping out.

Prints on sale on my website for Mother’s Day.  Code: MAMA for 15% off entire order.  Through tomorrow!

Please submit your art for this show.  Open call.

Donating this print for artworxla. Hand painted silkscreen.

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I sell prints on my website of my work if you are interested in something not on my site please let me know and I will try to make it available! Prints are limited edition signed and numbered on heavy cotton tag paper.

Working on a piece for an upcoming show on mental health awareness.

Happy earth day!

Have a beautiful day!

#knowledgeispower stay smart. Stay engaged.  Learn read forgive love ! Have a beautiful holiday!

One last day in Maui

Mural I did 6 years ago in London!

Been a long week (month) Happy Friday!  Wishing you a relaxing weekend.

You guys. My niece is such a gorgeous babe.

Very much feeling the mama wolf vibe on vacation with my baby wolf.  Happy spring  Enjoy every second you have with your babies.

My brother passed away a few days ago. He was a gentle spirit. Fun kind hilarious outgoing to the extreme. Loved nature animals and making art. He will be missed by all who crossed his path.

Happy international women’s day to all the other women of color who are mamas who maybe working three jobs who may do more than their share of the child rearing who may have fought the odds to be something everyone said they couldn’t.  To women who have to fight twice as hard to be heard or believed because they are not white and not a man.  To women who don’t care what others think because they finally believe their truth and don’t need approval.  To women who give to others because they find joy in kindness.  To women who know that they will make it through their struggles and be wiser because of them. To women who try new things who go new places who dare do live their wildest dreams.  Happy international women’s day to all of the awesome women I know making the world a better place. You know who you are.

Goodnight india. Hope to see you soon.

I am raising a small amount of money to buy my cashew nut seller a new prosthetic arm.  If you find it in your heart to donate a small amount to help please read the go fund me.

#Ganesh #ganapati #removerofobstacles

The past four weeks this lovely place has been my home. So sad to leave the beautiful people, fresh foods, ocean that has warm tropical waters with striped fish swimming around my ankles, Ayurvedic massages and yoga, butterflies lush gardens monkeys frogs elephants  and birds. The spotlight of the lighthouse spilling into my room at night beautiful sunsets rickshaw rides the discomfort of so much need and poverty. Smiling faces kindness dosas coconut water women dressed in bright colored saris with sweet smelling jasmine decorating their hair my family here and new friends. Loud music coming from brightly lit temples.  Sad to go.  So many beautiful memories.

14th century temple. Over 15,000 sculptures. Took 500 years and lots of elephants 🐘 to build

Night time vibes. Lying here listening to the ocean realizing he won’t be tiny and snuggly for ever. Acrylic and mixed media on wood panel.  48” x60”

From a show @pureevilgallery in London a few years ago.

From my show “When Brown Chicks Take Over The World”  which was inspired by the election of our current president.

Fierce mother Kali.

Prints available on my site.

Prints available on my website!!!

Morning chai

In india for a month. Already inspired and gaining perspective.  Overwhelmed by the beauty on the other side of the planet.

Working on images for a project at a children’s hospital.

Prints on my website!

Prints on my website.

Perfection. 🐺 blood moon.

New prints available on my site!