Moon dream 🌙 🌚 in the studio today.

Work for my Oct 6 show in Lis Angeles @kpprojectsgallery revisiting the old whole making the new.

I love doing commissions for people.  This one is about unconditional live and kindness.

I wish for you eternal love and happiness.  Prints and originals up at

Studio visit with my fave guy and dog.

Painting for my October show.  Really a blast. Haven’t been so happy with my work in many years.  The dance.

Thank you @houseofvans @vans for interviewing me and sending me and my kid these rad slip-ons ! Check out my interview here:

Prints available on my website.

Getting there.  Work in progress.

Work in progress. So excited about the new work for my show in October.  Really feeling like it is my stuff in years.  Hope you can come.  @kpprojectsgallery October 5 in Los Angeles.

I have prints and a couple originals hanging as a part of art walk in Highland Park Los Angeles.  If you are around stop in 7-9. This print I made with Shepard Fairey’s Studio Number one.  A hand painted multiple silk screen.  It is framed $550

I will have some framed prints for sale at at my local art walk Saturday eve 7-9.  Come by to chat and check out local art.

Unbelievable.  RIP. 🙏🏾🌈

Eternal love and Happiness  Saturday 7-9pm

I love being a part of a community.  And so happy to have Work with my friend and neighbor @yinshadowz showing at our local beautiful yoga studio. couldn’t be a more perfect place to show my newly framed prints.  Hope to see you Saturday night 7-9 at my local highland park art walk.

A painting I made years ago about when my husband was super duper sick and I was taking care of him.

Come out to our highland park art walk.  I will be vining after Julie’s memorial.  Hope to see all my friends in the hood.  There will be framed  prints and a few originals.  Showing with my homey @yinshadowz for some super lofty deep spiritual artvibez. 7-9pm  locals only

Golden hour

I voted but I’m also really grumpy.

Going to have a couple pieces in a neighborhood show with my homey @yinshadowz this sat night in highland park.  Will have a couple originals and prints.  More info to come.

I’m loving making work for my show. So fun to be doing new things after not being in the studio for a while.  #friendtotem #spiritualart #healing #kindness #compassion #womenwithpencils #makesomethingeveryday #contemporaryart #artlosangeles #grafitti #graph #art #design #graphicart #folkart #environmentalart #boho #bohemianart #bohemianstyle #bohemiandecor

Getting inspiration from these little guys that my step mom brought me back from India.

Just beginning work for my show in October but it’s already getting fun! #womenwithpencils #folkart #spiritualart #environment #environmentaldesign #graphicdesign  #art  #artistsoninstagram #losangelesgraffiti #losangelescontemporaryart #graffiti #streetart

Happy Mother’s Day!  It is the greatest gift I have ever had.  So grateful for my little one.

Eddie Martinez at #beyondthestreets

Studio vibes

It’s going to be fun making work for my new show.

We will let the white guys paint our nails and the women watch our children. From my show “when brown chicks take over the world”

Not everything is as it appears.  Difficulties become assets. Longing becomes dreams.  Loss seeds into the earth to become a beautiful gift.

Tbt to India.  I miss it there and miss my family.  So beautiful inspiring and magical.  Always opening me up to new ways of thinking living and seeing.

Little collaboration with my kid.  Happy earth day. 🌏!

Happy earth day.

I #standwithred the federal govt should not be allowed to push through laws allowing dirty oil pipelines to run over people’s land. Without adequate protections for water.  WhT a horror show. Arresting her for trespassing on her own property.


Beautiful day to be in the studio painting.

Collaborating with my kid. Warming up for  my show in sept.

Shipping out prints today!

Good morning happy Monday.  Prints of my work available on my site.

That time in my life when I was really scared and my intuition told me something was wrong but I didn’t know what it was.  #alwaystrustyourgut #intuition #becomingholy #healingthehalves #spiritualart #lowbrowart #streetart #modernart

Home for the next few days. Happy spring break!

#powerfulwomen #risingfromthedarkness #knowledgeispower #womencandoanythingandeverything  fine art prints on my site

#prints #fineartprints available on my site #deedeecherielart

Good morning.  I am trying to figure which paintings to makes new prints of. Let me know if there is an image of something you like.

#print shipping out prints.

Be here now. Today’s meditation.

Motherhood changes us in so many ways. Even in the most difficult situations with other people I remember this person is someone’s baby. Hopefully making me a more tolerant and kind person.  Have a beautiful day!

The family experience.

Shipping prints today.

I made this print for a friend then I realized I needed one too.  My new favorite print “Land of dreams” 💙Happy  Holidays!

Brand new hot pink #loveisalwaystheanswer prints on sale half off now on my site.  Were $150 now $75 !

Last couple days of half off sale! Visit www.deedeecheriel/  happy holidays! #loveyoufriend

Last few days of my sale! Two of my favorite prints.  Shipping today.

I may fall short but I try to always be kind to others. New prints available before Christmas. #loveisalwaystheanswer

Most prints on my website are still half off !!

That time someone got an amazing tattoo of my art!

Ceramic pre 🔥

Super moon coming over the hills.

⛺️ camping!🌵🌈⛺️🌞💚🌞🍄

Me and a bunch of rad mamas and kids are camping and hiking in Joshua Tree.  An amazing way to bond with other moms and let your kids run wild with each other while you cook and hang with some other awesome people who love to be put in nature.  @hikeitbaby  my old friend! I had such a blast. #mamasandsunsets

Prints on my website half off! Holiday sale still on!

Mamas and sunrises. Good morning Joshua Tree! 🌵 🌞

That time Jay Leno was holding my art #albumcover #gracepotterandthenocturnals

You have everything you need.  All prints on sale.  Most 50% off. Www.

Summoning of radiations and Wavelengths.  Hand painted silkscreen print.  small edition  was $300 now $175 on my website. Happy holidays. 🦄🌈📬📦 🎄

Everything on my site is on sale! Save $100 on most prints half off on most everything! Happy holidays !