An older piece about gaslighting and narcissism.

Prints still on sale on my website! Or bigcartel as well!

Finished a piece for a secret project that I will tell you about later this year.  super fun way to start the new decade, I can tell its going to be a good one! ⭐️

Had to take a boogie break during dinner

Holiday vacation escape. 🧡 🌙 ⭐️ 🏝

On a little getaway with my favorite guy!

Come by the Pile sale! See the amazing things the rad moms are making!

5723 Melrose.  Come get some Indian block print dresses and pillow cases. Indian towel and prints made by me!! 10-4 today only.

Going to have prints and Indian blankets and Indian dresses at this pop up holiday sale.  Saturday 10-4

I will have a selection of silk screened prints and some dresses from India for sale this Saturday at a pop up sale 10-4 5723 Melrose with some other amazing moms.  If you have a specific print you want to purchase let me know will make and have on Saturday!

New prints up on my site. Order now for holidays ! Everything on sale !

Grateful to have a brother who is an amazing cook and won’t let me lift a finger for a few days.  @deedee_and_ravi @unmitigateddawg

Happy Holidays! Prints on my website are all on sale.

Prints on sale for the holidays on my website ! Order early to get them on time. New sizes and everything discounted!

From my show in Amsterdam @andenken gallery. Prints now available on my website

From a show in 2008! One of my favorite paintings I’ve made. About powerful women.  Beauty lies in your truth and in your voice.  Don’t care what others think. You know your truth.Be a strong woman stand up. Speak your truth.

Adding a few older prints to my site that people have specially requested. Everything on sale for holidays !

I am adding a few prints that people have been requesting to my site! All prints on sale on my site for the holidays!

This print is about unconditional love.  Now available on my site in time for the holidays! Most prints on sale now!

Whoever the sweet person is that left these on my door step- tha k you!!! Made my day!!!!🧡💛🧡🎃🧡🧡🎃🧡👻🧡🌚🧡💛

Holy cr*p!! Done.  On to the next two week project.  Will resurface after that!

Working frantically to finish a commissioned piece for a children’s hospital !

My print in a home staged by the super talented @theplatformexperiment  a print I made about the environment.

I love when people tag me in photos of where my painting lives in their homes. @bravelyoblivious thank you for posting!

My print in the home of @mamameldaljohnsen ! Cute kid and home!!!!!!


@noblesalvage #pileinthewild2019

Rare solo mom time. On retreat. #pileinthewild2019

There are very few people whose loss would devastate a whole community. I got to say goodbye to my friend Michael Marquesen today and haven’t been able to let go of what a loss it is.  He was the kind of person who would reach out when something good happened or immediately pick up the phone and call if he knew you were in a bad place.  He worshipped his wife and was the kind of father others dream to be.  He helped whole communities of people and gave endlessly without wanting accolades just because that was who he was. The world could use so many more Michael Marquesen’s and will be at a huge loss for his passing.  Please send love and light to his wife and kids and our devastated community.

This piece is available here! to benefit la family housing.  To get a homeless family off the streets!

Prints now available on my website! Starting at $90 for 8x 10 with one inch border. Signed and numbered edition of 100.

Tonight new collectors will have the opportunity to invest in their favorite artists. #roomandboard annual #lafamilyhousing show this bear will sell for $400 and I will have another piece too. Tonight Thursday October 3rd 7-9 pm 3231 helms avenue Culver City

New print! Going to put on my site this week!!!!

#Wendell Dayton memorial

One of my paintings in a house designed by #reathdesign for my friend and actress in #smilf a painting about unconditional love. Inspired by the teachings of #mariannewilliamson

Sometimes when life gets super dark you have to make your world brighter.  Am in shock disbelief fear sadness devastation loss.... and trying to see what maybe on the other side.  Spent some time in the studio making work about hope kindness, peace, calmness, love, my beautiful child, and trying to stay out of despair.

Prints available on my website!

A painting I did a million years ago

My art was used on the cover of this book.  #bookcover #bookcoverart

Large prints on my site too!

The gift. Prints available on my website!

Giving a presentation about my life’s work tomorrow for women painters west.  It’s crazy to pull old photos to put together a slide show and present your work and influences and see how much you can accomplish in a life span.  I am so grateful for having a loving family and friends and people in my life to encourage and support me.  Life is short. Do what you love. !!! Thanks mom and dad and Ravi and all those friends!

Repost from @hijinxarts from last nights show.

Thank you for coming out! Show was so fun I forgot to take many pictures!!!

Beautiful work of Tomory Dodge! Congratulations @new_weather !!!!

Tomorrow night! Thank you LA Weekly!  Please come by tomorrow night and make sure to

Prints on my website!

Tomorrow night Chroma a group show I am in opens in Los Angeles ! Would love it if you can make it!

Prints available on my website! Make friends with your fears! Have a beautiful day!

Come to my show this Saturday at 7pm.  C H R O M A
1-323-933-4408 // INFO@KPPROJECTS.NET

Paint pallet.

Another piece for upcoming show sept 7 @kpprojectsgallery

Sneak peek of work for upcoming show @kpprojectsgallery  Details——>>> - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - -

New Work By :

Deedee Cheriel // Mercedes Helnwein
Mel Kadel // Gosha Levochkin
JP Neang // Luis Sanchez

Opening Reception : 
Sat. Sept 7th :: 7-10pm 
Rsvp to :

On view through Sept. 28th

So happy to be in my studio painting for upcoming group show @kpprojectsgallery

Tbt to my old studio in echo park.

Prints available on my website.  Or

Mural I did in Bristol UK a few years back.

Large prints of this on my website.  They look amazing!

Prints available on my website!

Pink at my art show @debbiefrank place!!!! @pink !!! 💕💕💕💗💗💗💕💕💕

Prints available on my website or

My friend makes houses look so beautiful! @theplatformexperiment

Busted out a little present for a friends birthday.  #familyportrait happy birthday!!!🎈🎂🎉

So incredibly lucky and grateful to work with people who appreciate me and friends who adore me. Haven’t had a birthday this wonderful in a decade.  Thank you @shelgreb @katherinemetz @noblesalvage @distractionbyanothername

When Brown Girls Take Over The World a piece I made right after Trump was elected for my show of the same name.  Can you imagine how different life could be with affordable health care affordable education and peace? Let’s take a deep breath and manifest some change.