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Jul 7, 2014

My collaboration with OBEY clothing!!!Obey Clothing Deedee Cheriel


Deedee Cheriel for Obey <--- click here to see video

I did a bunch of shirts and sweatshirts with OBEY.  I really loved the shirts and got a lot of great feedback from you guys.  It was so much fun working with the people at OBEY clothing and Shepard is always so supportive of newer artists. 

I think there are a few left on their site for those of you who have written recently!!!!

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Jul 12, 2013

Best Buy Commercial Featuring my images

My work was featured in this Best Buy Commericial last year.  I thought it made my work look good, which isn't always how commercial gigs go.  


Apr 10, 2013

My Interview with Vice Magazine

Vice Magazine came by and interviewed me about my art.  Check it out!