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May 20, 2012

Really excited about my New PCP prints

Sonja and Naama from PCP came over to do a studio visit the other day and we finalized stuff for my new PCP print.  They are using the Owl painting "Magna Voyage- let me down easy" for the print.

A lot of people have written me about wanting to buy this piece, and since it was sold a long time ago, here is an amazing option.... A limited edition PRINT!  They only printed 100, and they look super amazing.


  There are some paintings I feel indifferent about selling because I really enjoy having them around the house, and this was one, I was really kind of sad to say Good bye!  The print was sold to Jeff and Stacey Mann at the show.

    Jeff Mann is working on movie in NY and just used one of my paintings (Alchemy Bear) see below.  Not sure I can tell you the name of the movie yet, but more on that later!

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